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This item is made to order only.  Please contact me to find out more.


This knife sheath is custom patterned to your knife and wet formed for a unique custom fit that securely holds your knife. The sheath also features a welt to protect the stitching from the sharp blade.


The sheath can be dyed to your choice of colour or left natural.
The knives pictured are as follows:

- dyed red with white stitching

- natural (oiled only) and tan stitching


All sheaths will be finished with either mink oil or neatsfoot oil and final finished with Smith's Leather Balm. This combination provides good weather protection to the leather and is easily maintained. An occasional touch up with mink oil is all that is needed.


This knife is custom molded to your knife. You will need to either drop off your knife in Aurora, or Madoc, Ontario, or ship your knife to me.

Custom knife sheath: Made to order only

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