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My Story

I am a retired Structural Engineer. My true passion has always been to make things with my hands.

My maker’s mark, an intertwined circle and triangle, symbolizes my belief in the importance of making. The triangle represents the trinity of body, mind and soul, and the circle represents creation.

I find balance in my life through the act of creating.

About Our Leather

My Materials

My leather goods are built with premium quality top and full grain leathers which often show the unique character of the hides. I enjoy learning about leathers and invest time selecting the best vegetable or chrome tanned leather for each project.

I have a few favourite thread brands, available in a variety of shades, providing colour contrast and a nice sheen to finished pieces.

Working with quality materials allows me to create unique handmade products that look good for years, developing a beautiful patina as they age.

These are some of my preferred suppliers :
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My Craft

Everything is 100% handmade.

From the cutting of the leather, to the stitching and setting of hardware, to the final finishing, I use traditional methods.

Yes, there will be slight imperfections.
That is the nature and beauty of handmade.

The imperfections are what makes handmade stand out from mass produced fast fashion.

My goal is to push myself, producing my best work on each piece I create, and to constantly challenge myself with new techniques and styles. 

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